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Lash Lifting

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If you are looking to improve the length, thickness and curl of your natural lashes without the addition of lash extensions then the lash enhancement package is perfect for you! The package includes a lash lift and tint. This treatment dramatically improves the look of your natural lashes, only takes 40 minutes and lasts for 4-6 weeks with no maintenance required.

Price: £30

This is a 4 step process which takes around 40 minutes. During your appointment your lashes will be held in position using a shield, then a curling solution is applied for 12 minutes, following by a setting lotion for a further 12 minutes. Then a dark black tint is applied to your lashes to add even more impact. Finally a nourishing oil is applied to your lashes and left to soak for 5 minutes before being removed, leaving you with perfectly curled lashes which look fuller and darker and last for 6-8 weeks with no maintenance required.

* A Non Refundable Booking Fee is now applicable at the point of booking your appointment. This is a £10 secure payment taken via Paypal on the ‘Book Now’ page above or alternatively chip & pin or cash. This is not an additional payment and it will be deducted from the final price of your treatment. If you have to cancel your appointment for any reason and do not give 48 hours notice your Non Refundable Booking fee will not be returned to you. However if you do give 48 hours notice and I can fill your appointment from my cancellation list then your fee will be returned. (this is subject to a client being available for patch test and application in your place) 

PATCH TESTS ARE COMPULSARY FOR LASH & BROW TREATMENTS. Patch tests do not ensure that it is 100% certain you will not react during or after treatment but it is our duty of care to carry them out and make the treatment as safe as possible. Strawberry Blondes will not routinely compensate or refund for allergic reactions where satisfactory patch tests have been carried out prior to treatment. Gift Vouchers may be offered as an alternative.