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              Why Should I Choose Lash Extensions? 

Lash Extensions are a perfect solution to many problems women have with the look of their natural lashes. If you feel you would like longer, thicker & fuller lashes without spending time everyday applying strip lashes or mascara then this is the treatment for you! Wake up with perfect lashes every morning!

But… which type of lashes are best for you?


These are  extensions of the natural lashes you already have. They are applied 1:1 and so give a really natural look, they are ideal for clients who are happy with the amount of lashes they have naturally but would like more curl, thickness & length.


Volume lashes are a 50/50 mix of classic and volume lashes applied to each of your natural lashes to create a more whispy effect. These lashes are ideal for the client who would like to add more volume to their lashes but dont want full on volume.


Available in 2D-6D a handmade fan of lighter lashes is applied to each of your natural lashes creating much more volume and giving a more dramatic result. These are ideal for clients who have sparse lashes and want to achieve a fuller lash line, or clients who want a dramatic or glamourous look.

What Happens Next…


  When you book an appointment I will arrange a consultation appointment at least 24 hours prior to your lash extensions being applied. This appointment will take approximately 15 minutes, during this appointment we will discuss the look you wish to achieve and carry out a patch test.
*Your health is extremely important to me so the patch test is compulsory, and if any reaction occurs in the 24hours after the patch test I will not be able to go ahead with the treatment.


  Please follow these pre-treatment guidelines to ensure we don’t waste any time during your appointment…

Please do not wear any eye make up to your appointment.

-Please remove contact lenses for your appointment.
(They can be worn after application)

-If you have noticed any change to your eye health since your consultation
please make me aware of this before your appointment

-I will ensure you are comfortable and apply as many individual lashes as possible to achieve the look you desire! A lot of clients fall asleep during application as it is a really relaxing procedure. 

-Once I have completed  application we will discuss aftercare and book you in for your infill appointment in 2-3 weeks’ time!


 After care is extremely important to keep your natural lashes healthy and ensure your extensions last as long as possible. Please follow these aftercare tips to help your lashes last as long as possible…

-Keep lash extensions dry for the first 24 hours after application.

-Avoid hot steamy showers for the next 48 hours (cool quick showers or baths)

-Do not rub or pick at your lash extensions (this can cause damage to your natural lashes)

-Do not use any oil based make up removers as this will damage the bond of the glue. (You can buy water based mascara and make up remover from me at your appointment)

-Keep your lashes clean to avoid any infections. You can use mild soap or baby shampoo to clean your lashes without causing any damage.


After 2-3 weeks you should return for an infill appointment I will check if there are any lashes which need removing, tidy them up and apply more lashes to any new lashes which have grown over the last 2-3 weeks. This is essential maintenance to keep your lashes looking their best. Some clients look after their lashes so well they don’t have to have an infill appointment until 3-4 weeks after their lashes were applied.


Full Set of Classic Lash Extensions- £45 (1.5 hr appointment)
Infills after 2 weeks- £15 (45 minute appointment)
Infills after 3 weeks- £25 (1 hour appointment)

Full set of Hybrid Lashes- £50

Infills after 2 weeks- £20

Infills after 3 weeks- £30 

Full set  Volume Lash Extensions- £55 (2 hour appointment)

Infills after 2 weeks- £25 (1 Hour appointment)

Infills after 3 weeks- £35 (1.5 hour appointment)

Full Set of Mega Volume Lashes £65 (3 hr appointment)

* A Non Refundable Booking Fee is now applicable at the point of booking your appointment. This is a £10 secure payment taken via Paypal on the ‘Book Now’ page above or alternatively chip & pin or cash. This is not an additional payment and it will be deducted from the final price of your treatment. If you have to cancel your appointment for any reason and do not give 48 hours notice your Non Refundable Booking fee will not be returned to you. However if you do give 48 hours notice and I can fill your appointment from my cancellation list then your fee will be returned. (this is subject to a client being available for patch test and application in your place) 

PATCH TESTS ARE COMPULSARY FOR LASH & BROW TREATMENTS. Patch tests do not ensure that it is 100% certain you will not react during or after treatment but it is our duty of care to carry them out and make the treatment as safe as possible. Strawberry Blondes will not routinely compensate or refund for allergic reactions where satisfactory patch tests have been carried out prior to treatment. Gift Vouchers may be offered as an alternative.